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Catera wheels fit Seville


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No one interchanges the two because it can't be done. The wheel bolt pattern is a weird 5 x 110. Sevilles are 5 x 114.3 and 5 x 115. The CTS has the same pattern as the Seville. I have the 2004 polished 17" CTS rims on my 98 STS for the winter.

Check out the Cardio Doc's auction for wheels.

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thanks for the info - I too am going with the 16' polished [not silver polished ] CTS wheels. However, I think I am purchasing from [user ID] arrowtirewheelscom

:blink: he has very good feedback as well

Thanks a lot



93 Cad Seville 100K

95 Chev Blazer 143K [garaged summers] :)

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