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1998 Cadillas STS Rear Suspesion

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Let me say hi to everyone, I have been using this forum for two years since I inhereted my father-in-laws 1998 STS. Fortunity it only had 30,000 miles on it but needed some attention. Well, a little over a year ago the rear suspension was locked on high. I found a blog on this site suggesting to release the air hose to release pressure which I did. Only recently I realized I needed to address this matter. So, I found that the 30 AMP fuse was blown so I replaced that. Replaced both real shocks with Dealco OEM air shocks but without the CVRSS component.

Okay, the compressor started, air shocks pumped up, but once again continue to add air until locked on high and compressor will not shut down. But at lease this time when I exited the car, I could hear the an air release and could feel and see the rear end drop. I have since removed the fuse to shut down system.

Relay switch problem? Ride Height Sensor? If so, where are they, what do they look like? Any other resolutions.

I was able to get codes but all seem to deal with CVRSS which I have decided not to invest in. The front shocks were also replaced without the CVRSS component. Once again thanks to this forum.

Thanks for your help.

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It sounds to me like the ride height sensor is effecting this behavior. The ride height sensor used to be in the rear attached to the chassis or body and had a lever that connected to the rear axle. I would probably check first to make sure that the lever has not fallen loose. The sensors used to be adjustable. Probably is on your 98...or the sensor could just plainly have failed.

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