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Y'all may have remembered my story a couple of months ago (the fateful day was August 8th), where my wife drove my car through high water, and she ended up cracking a piston as best as I can tell. I pulled the plug on No. 8 and it looks like the piston has a hole in it. I have deliberated fixing it, but am concerned about water in the electrical, although the water only got about 4" deep in the inside.

Anyway, the car was rear-ended a month before and I got a check for $ 640 from the insurance company. They hit me at a slow speed (they were stopped behind me, and thought I had left the stop sign), and slightly bent the back bumper down about 5/8" and slightly cracked the inner plastic bumper support. The car has 171k miles on it, and I performed all maintenance on it. I have a friend who will buy it for $400, but I am going to try for $900 before I "give" it to him. Three of the four OEM wheels have no dings, one has a nice bead missing from a pothole, but still holds air. The interior is tan and is in good shape excepting the drivers side seat, which has a nice hole in it.

Anyway I'm in Houston, TX. and the car will need to be towed away. I'll post a series of pic.s


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