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Anyone wanna buy a 92' deville cassestte/radio??

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Pullin it out monday to replace it with a new MP3/CD player......reason for taking it out was I thought the right speakers were blown but it turned out to be the right channel in the head unit...other then that it works great, its just the right side is weak......I guess this can be repaired.....

I doubt any of you want it but I figured I would list it anyways

Price: name one...

Here is a pic of the unit:564998_5_full.jpg

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whoa your interior looks like its never been used! Aw man i miss my parents first cadillac, 1988 Cadillac Sedan deville...pretty much the same interior so that pic brought back good memories

Thanks alot man.....thats actually taken about 5 months ago before it was cleaned....seats are the only thing that show wear and that isnt too bad.....some old ones owned it since new.

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