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Hello all,

My steering rack blew the o-rings out of top seal this afternoon but I felt something like this was on it's way so I wasn't really phased and just drove her home. My arms are getting pretty thin anyway.

Does anyone know the part number for the quick ratio steering rack? Or has anyone here purchased a reman rack online anywhere that does not paint the STS and SLS racks with the same brush. My friend had said the rack we replaced seemed very buttery and less responsive like those on earlier model Caddy's and I'm just wondering now if he was given a reman SLS rack when he went to NAPA instead of a quick ratio STS rack.

I really enjoy the steering I had but I also don't want to fork out a whole pile of $$$ at the dealer either.

I guess I also don't want to put $$$ on STS and land on SLS.

GMpartsdirect had nothing and I'm not sure where else to look so I can be sure.

Anybody have an idea how much a new rack from the dealer would run me?

Oh and I forgot to mention that when we replaced the rack on his car we also did tie-rods and he had it aligned. The speed sensitive steering he says is still noticeable and which is why I think it may be an SLS rack.. but I could be wrong.


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I checked RockAuto out and found only one part number available for 93 and up Northstar equipped cars.

The older models of seville and eldorado have two different racks available according to their soft or touring suspension packages.

I could have sworn I read that the STS and SLS had different steering but perhaps that has to do with the variable assist settings? Perhaps that's because the replacement steering rack my friend has was a reman and not back to full factory spec...

I'm calling the dealership later today and just getting a price on a newbie rack.

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Well I know this is a bit late but life gets busy at times but after talking with the dealer I found out that the 93+ Sevilles all have the same rack in them. It was only the previous Seville and Eldorado models that had different rack options. The replacement went good and my car steers great and feels the same. We're still not sure why my friends feels loose but he has grown to like it and that's good.

I have a noise problem that I suspect might relate to my steering right now but I will create a new thread for that.

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