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Help anyone,

I recently purchased a 1990 coupe deville 4.5L....with a few problems...I would really appreciate any help...first I had the small metal pipe rusted through that goes to the heater core....leaking anti-freeze....could not find a new part so I had to remove it and have it welded...so far it is not leaking, but I still have very little heat and the fan doesn't seem to blow out of the dash....just a little out of the defroster.....can anyone help me with this problem...also what is the best and safest way to take the inside of the drivers door off to replace the window quide...because the window falls down inside the door...I can lift it up manually but as soon as I put the window down it falls off the guide...if anyone out there can help me with either of these problems it would really help...thank you......Bob

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