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replacing fpr??

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OK, our '93 and '94 4.6L Northstars are different than the following years, in that the FPR is under the plenum cover (In a vacuum, rather than having a vacuum hose..) The best thing to do is let it sit until good and cold, as the pressure in the fuel line needs to bleed down, and it's generally easier to work on. Otherwise you need to find the schrader valve on the input to the fuel rail, and let the pressure escape, using a rag to protect from spray. To get at the FPR is fairly simple, remove those twelve 'torx' screws around the perimeter of the engine (plenum) cover, and lift the cover off. The FPR is there in the right hand corner of the chamber (as your standing, looking towards the windshield.) It's right over the throttle body, with the main line from the fuel rail coming into it. You can see the vacuum nipple (without the hose) poking right up from the can on it's body. GENTLY lift the FPR up and off the fuel return pipe, as the FPR fits right down on top of it. Now that it's carefully up (you do not want to over stress and crack the fuel rail and the connectors to the injectors, as they will have to lift a bit too.) Anyway, now that its up and off the return, while holding the FPR, push the fuel line in and at the same time, turn 90 degrees and then pull... the fuel line will disconnect. You now have the old FPR free in your hand.

To install the new FPR, basically reverse the process with a good push, and turn to seat and seal the main fuel line. Set it down and seat it on the fuel return, and make sure that the fuel rail and all the injectors are properly seated. When you are confident you've got it right, and before you reinstall the top cover, turn the ignition key to on,( BUT DO NOT START!!) to pressurize the system ,and check for visible leaks, indicating an improper seal. When your sure everything is tight, turn off the key, and replace the top cover, making sure you clean the o-ring around the perimeter of the cover, as it is a vacuum seal. Torque the screws to 9ft. lbs. Fire it up ,and you should be OK.

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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