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I am working on an XLR and while trying to lower the hardtop, everything functions except the roof won't release at the windshield header. The windows go down, the rear tray raises, the trunk goes up and then you can see the roof attempt to move but the latches at the header don't release. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I know this is an old, ( --and more importantly, unanswered) post so I'll close the loop.

Every XLR is supposed to be equipped with a special tool used to manually open the Folding Top. It consists of an L-shaped wrench with an 8 mm Allen-style on the short end, and a T-15 on the other.

If you don't have it, store the equivalent somewhere in the vehicle. You'll most likely need it during one of the worst days you own the car. . . 'Just say'in. . .

For those who are unfamiliar with the XLR's header latch, it's a clamp that closes over a pin in the windshield header (there's another similar pin in the trunk) that locks the top. The main point of this thing is to ensure you don't freak out like a lab monkey when it sees a syringe, should the top self-eject when you're driving at high speed with the windows down and a beautiful woman who just likes you for the cool car you have is on her first ride. That would be bad.

To open or close the header latch, remove the black plastic plug that resides on the headliner bulge just behind the rear view mirror. Use the 8 mm end to rotate the header latch to the open or closed position. Lower the window, and from the outside, lift up the top, and maneuver it into the trunk. Obviously, this assumes you've got the hydraulic bypass valve open, the rear deck lid raised, the front and rear tonneaus in the correct position, and the procedure in the owners manual available.


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