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93 Eldorado Transmission problem?


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Can Anyone tell me how much is the cost of rebuilding 93 Eldorado Touring 4.6 transmission(4080E)? I have problems with mine, so I brought it to a mechanic...he opened the hood and check the trans. fluid...it smelled like ....like it burned! So he suggested that the only option would be to rebuild it?! It Wont shift gears now....I think I have only 2nd...The guy is asking me $400 to remove it and put it back, then $1200-1400 to rebuild?!

Sad Story ;(................. but I have to fix it somehow!

A Word Of Advise???

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The main problem I have learned on this site with the GM4T80E trans is the solenoids needing replacement. When this happens, you lose 3 and 4 shifts. sometimes the car stays in 2nd gear only. Check your dic for codes. I believe its the A and B solenoids. Someone on the board may be able to give you more detailed info. Your trans fluid may need changing yes, but a complete rebuild may not be necessary. The job to change the solenoids normally would run in the $200-$400 range. Some on this board have changed it themselves, I recommend you use someone more familiar with the process. Don't trust mechanics, trans shops (Cottmans in Delaware) and dealerships to diagnose the problem. Check your DIC for the codes.

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Don't let the guy rip you off!!!! Turn your key to the "on" position and press the "off" and "warmer" buttons on your Climate Control panel and hold them until your display turns on to check your codes. Write down all the codes you see and we'll help you decipher them so that you have some ammunition when you go to the mechanic. When your display says "PCM?" then just turn the key to off or press "auto" to get back to normal operating mode.

I strongly believe that it's the shift solenoids and these are not a tranny rebuild item. It's a 2-3 hour job labour wise and no more than $100 for the kit from GM.

Let us know.

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