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Last week the wife and I purchased a new 2004 gmc truck. It is a LSE model same as our 98 trade in. The first thing I noticed is how far advanced it is compared to my 98. Ill start with the digital instrument cluster, it has a oil life readout the same as my 97 sls. The worthy note here is the manual tells you to change oil using the dic or in one year, in addition it goes on to say if the dic oil life is cleared by mistake change oil in 3000 miles. This gives a new look on oil life as I understand it. Is gm saying we can go a year between oil changes? I remember when Mobile 1 first came out they recommended one year or 25000 miles oil changes. Are the new gf3 oils that good? Are the synthetics overkill? Are we changing our oil to often? One other note the 6100/364 has coil over plug ign,seemed cool to me. Mike P.S. 150000 mile dexcool changes I dont think gm is giving up on dexcool

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