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93 eldorado transaxle


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Hi, I have bought 93 eldorado 3 months ago - it was fine...suddenly yesterday my trans. started shifting up and down?! ....now and then...after 15 more miles started shifting up and down more and more often....and suddenly started shifting with noyse...and...click....like bam...bam....terrible?! Servise Engine Soon light appeard and....that is it! Please, tell me if you've heard something like that before?! and how much would it cost .....???? I've got 108000 miles on it...4.6 32valve ...


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First check the transmission fluid level; engine running fully warmed up.

Next it might be that you have solenoid problems. A problem that usually can be fixed without a transmission removal or overhaul.


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Hi Lurker;

I had that problem a few years back on my 93 Eldo (subsequently sold). It turned out to be the solinoid. Sounds easy enough, however it was not. First off I did exactly what you did - post the problem here. I was given the correct answer that it was the solinoid. So down to the dealer I go and they disagree citing the problem to be a faulty value body (or something to that effect) and the bill would be $2000+ CAD. I lost it on them and argued about the solinoid being the problem, trying to sound as if I new what I was talking about. Later that day, after they agreed to look into it again, they phoned and agreed that this was the problem. The next hurdle was the location of the solinoid. Apperently it's buried within the transaxle to a point where partial deconstruction must take place. That again was confirmed by people on this board. At the end of all this the bill was $600 CAD.

Whether this is the problem or not, get smart from the technical guys in this forum. This is the type of repair that can be exceptionally expensive if the dealer goes unchallenged.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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