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I have read tons of posts about suspensions, been the long mile doing research on these forums. I have talked to all 3 companys who sells aftermarket kits. I have deceided to go with BOSTON SUSPENSION the reason was their customer service call all of them you will see what I mean. Dennis at BOSTON is an engineer in the suspension field he knows his stuff... ask him a question... he doesn't stumble he answers it... that is the reason I did the kit there. Arnott put me on hold for 10 mins and couldn't answer my questions, Strutmasters couldn't even find a tech to talk to.

So it is in the car and I LOVE MY CADILLAC AGAIN honestly speaking it really rides better that it ever did ( I bought it new) the floating is gone and the rear monroe air shocks work with the computer to add air when necessary.

IT's ALL GOOD so as you can see they got my vote.


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So what were the symptoms of you needing new struts? I have a Deville also, and when I load it down with luggage and my family it loves to bottom out at 60 mph on the highway over road undulations. I initially thought it was springs but bbobynski convinced me that it was not springs but the struts being unable to control suspension travel. I am curious what your symptoms were. Did you do all 4 wheels? Mike

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