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Rear RH side window regulator problem 2001 Deville

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I have read the great posts on how to replace the window regulator in this forum and they were a great help. It was very straight forward until I tried to remove the window retaining clamps on the window regulator. My car is a 2001 Deville and I am working on the passenger side rear window

The problem is I can not reach the nuts on window retaining clamps because the motor and/or regulator is frozen in place. I can only lift the glass by hand about 5 inches above the bottom of the window frame in the door. At this point the cable on the bottom of the regulator tightens up preventing the window from being raised. The window will not operate with the motor and switch.

I appears my only option at this point is to cut the bottom cable to allow me to raise the window completely so I can loosen the glass retaining clips and then remove the regulator. I was hoping to get the regulator out of the door intact so I might have a chance to repair it, but if I cut the cable, that option may be gone.

Is there a way to free the motor and regulator cables without cutting a cable?

Any suggestions from the experienced posters on this board will be greatly appreciated.


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My left rear window quit working with the switch and in my trials I found there wasn't power getting to the motor but when I jumped the power to the motor, it worked and was able to shut the window. See if you can move it out of your way.


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