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I got my Service Manual and have been reading it I love it (I have a HEADACHE tonight dear, can't nuky nuky, I am reading!, :lol: ). It says I have to remove the oil cooler lines, is that true? Will the dealer have the correct o-rings for the oil cooler lines? The manual pointed out where the orifice tube is, I love it! No more white cane for me! Mike

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Scotty, I believe I have a step by step from someone on the R & R of the A/C compressor for you but it's on my laptop at work. When I get it I'll post it.

1994 STS Pearl White 260,000 KM (163,000 miles)

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Scotty, here you go.

#1 Have the A/C system evacuated by a shop or a dealer

#2 disconnect the negative post of the battery (safety first children!!!)

#3 Jack the car, I used a ramp on the driver side then floor jack and stand on the passenger side

#4 Remove passenger side front wheel

#5 Remove the front plastic shield in the wheel well (3 Phillips screm) and the plastic cover behind it (10mm and 8 mm screw)

#6 Undo the accesorie belt by inserting a 1/2 breaker bar into the tensioner and pulling toward the front of the car

#7 Remove the front shield underneath the car, this is the plastic shield in front of a large beam that run accross the car

#8 Now the dirty part! Go underneath the car and remove the oil filter

#9 Remove the rear bolt of the compressor. This bolt is located right next to the oil filter. You acess is with a deep socket and an extension inserting the socket trough the front (shield removed) between the A/C line.

#10 Remove the 3 front compressor bolts trough the wheel well.

#11 Undo the bolt holding the A/C lines. To do this you will probably need some help. Ask your friend to pull the compressor in the wheel well while you are underneath the car to get extra room, I did it with a pry bar and a floor jack to hold it in place. The bolt is between the 2 lines (14 or 15 mm) I recommend the use of a low angle wrench!!! the angle is so limited that I could only get 1 or 2 click out of my regular ratchet

#12 Pull the compressor trough the wheel well, undo the electrical connection !!!Success!!! the compressor is out

#13 Manual recommend that you put the same amount of A/C lubricant in the new compressor has there was in the old one. Mine was bone dry so i putted 4 oz (dont quote me on this, manufacturer recommends 5 oz, GM tech recommends only 2 oz) Put the plug that came with the new compressor so the oil wont spill everywhere

#14 Remove the bracket on the rear of the old compressor (2 bolts) and reinstall it on the new one

#15 Insert the new compressor trough the wheel well

#16 When i did mine i did NOT plugged back the electrical connection or the hose that connect to the compressor. I did not want to contaminate the new compressor with metal shaving from the old one. I can't see any other way to replug the lines then to remove the compressor but the dealer tech managed to do it, dont ask me how!!!

#17 Insert the 3 front bolt loosely

#18 Insert the rear bolt tightly

#19 Tighten the 3 front bolts

#20 Reinstall the oil filter, this might be a good time for an oil change since you are already underneath the car!

#21 Reinstall the belt, this is a good time to install a new one because you have easy access to the lower pully trough the wheel well.

#22 You will also need to change the dryer (most A/C compressor warranty ask you to do this to have a valid warranty!!!) The dryer is the metal can sitting "in" the coolant tank. Just one bolt to remove and 2 A/C lines. DO NOT unseal the dryer before rechargin the system!!! you will ruin the moisture absorbing property of the dryer if you do.

#23 Reinstall the plastic shield, wheel, reconnect battery

After this I brought my car to the dealer and had them flush and recharge the system, and replace the orifice tube.

TOTAL COST: (in Canadian dollar including taxes)

Dealer flush 130$ including diagnostic of the blown compressor

A/C Compressor 119$US + 30$US s/h + 67$ tax and UPS charges = 270$ CAN from EBAY

Acc. Belt 31.50$ @ Canadian tire

Dryer 121$ @ GM dealer

8 oz oil PAG-150 23$ @ Local jobber (dont got to AutoPart Extra, they charge 36$!!!)

Dealer recharge 236$ Including Replace orifice tube labor 49$ Orifice tube 4.85$ Oil, dye, refrigerant and labor 150$

TOTAL: 815$

ESTIMATED DEALER REPLACEMENT COST (excluding taxes) from Boulevard Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac Ltée in Hull, Québec

A/C Compressor 1000$ new OR 600$ rebuilt @ Dealer OR 392$ rebuilt @ Canadian Tire

Acc. Belt 45$

Compressor labor 315$ 3.5 hours @ 90$

Flush labor 180$ 2.0 hours @ 90$

Recharge and etc 150$

TOTAL: Between 1300 and 1800 with taxes depending on the compressor

1994 STS Pearl White 260,000 KM (163,000 miles)

<img src="http://img45.photobucket.com/albums/v137/caesar/caddycaesar.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />

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