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1993 STS (Speedometer Works Sometimes)


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I have a 1993 STS. Love the cal. But for a while now my speedometer works intermidantly.

When it starts working I get "CHECK SUPENSION CONTROL" message on my dash.

What do the 2 have to do with each other beats me.

Anyway does anyone have any answers on this one???

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What error codes are present?


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Service Ride Control or Service Suspention Control? "SRC" Many people choose not to worry about, it is usually electronic struts.. The car being a very early verson of electronic ride control, tends to become faulty... Mine did, bought the relay described in FAQ section of this board...message goes away and so does the worries... I have found NO difference in the way the car rides...

Seedometer??? Have not herd this one before Does it seem to be sticking and moving quickly? Or does it work correctly sometimes and not at all other times?

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Sevice Ride Control is the actual message I am getting. Anyway, I will have to write the codes down. But the speedometer does interact or start working as soon as I see the dash message "Service Ride Control".

I will take a look at the FAQ area for the relay information.

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Go to www.Caddyinfo.com ... Scroll down and go to the section "Frequently Asked Questions" Look under SRC Or CCR... Look around the home page there and you will find much needed info..

Also you search this Fourm using the smae key words to see if anyone else have asked similar questions... Top right had part of this screen... Search

I also (before installing the relay) had the same message "Service Ride COntrol"... This did NOT effect my speedometer though... That should be a seperate issue.

Anything else please post

Good Luck.

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Hey Get This! I followed your lead on the FAQ info. In there was this info:

1993 Eldorado and Seville with Speed Sensitive Suspension and 4.9L Engine Only: Refer to page 8A-43-6 in the 1992 Eldorado Seville Service Manual.

Cut Circuit 1020 (PINK)

Attach the IPC side of circuit 1020 to relay pin 87A

Attach the module side of circuit 1020 to relay pin 86

Run a ground wire to relay pin 30

Run a wire from a switched ignition (hot in run) source to relay pin 85.

"Speed Sensitive Suspension" B)

Maybe that is why my speedometer acts up when the message comes across the dash?

I am looking further. Get back to you soon.


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