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ABS is coming on as soon as car is started. it is logging a C1243 no other codes present. Checked power to unit. Power through fuses in fuse box in engine compartment, large 30 and 40 amp fuses. Disconnected plug from EBTCM have battery voltage on pins E red 342 wire and red white 442. Power goes away on these wires if fuses are pulled so I take it they are the power wires to the ebtcm and bpmv. Have 3 ohms resistance from the ground on the motor case to the ground on the left side shock tower. Have 3 omhs resistance from the shock tower ground to the battery negative. How do I determine which has failed the engine brake traction control module or the brake pressure modulating valve. Am I missing something such as a possible bad pressure sensor somewhere. My manual indicates failure of one of these 2 I also had a C1217 and a 1255 logged but they have not returned as of yet.Any help

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