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I have A 94 Seville SLS baught in FL. and was on the way back home to MN and the front end started making noise, stopped in A shop and they said the tires needed to be rotated so charged me that and sent me on my way and problem still existed got to IA hit freezing rain and was all over the road so next shop sold me two new tires for the front made it to where I was stopping in IA and had the front end alligned passenger side was out on the top 2 degrees so it straightned the steering wheel and tracked nice but noise was still there, its worse when turning to the left so started looking at the right side, first the hub bearing replaced it, still there, next the cv shaft replaced it, still there and hasn't changed, before I left FL had the axle shaft seal on the right side replaced and he comented on the output shaft having up,down and side to side movement, but doesn't the cv shaft center that output shaft, at A loss as to what to look at now, is there a bearing or anything I can get to without taking out the tranny that could be causing this, the noise starts around 30 and gets worse up to around 60 then after that it subsides but is still there, sounds like something that is rotating in the driveline can someone please help me, money is tight and don't want to throw more parts at it and not be it.

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