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noise from dash


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Jack I'm not to sure but I have a sound coming from the speedo area as well. Except mind sounds like a squeaking rub. This noise occurs when going down a bumpy road, but it definetly sounds like it is coming from inside the car by the driver side dash area.

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sounds like fan rubbing in one spot on every revolution. only when outside temp cold and goes away soon after start up. does not occure when outside temp warm.

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I have the same noise, too! I dives me nuts!

Apparantly, I believe its the fan bearing in the in-car temp sensor fan. If you look to the right of your fog light switch - you will see a a square piece of louvered vents the size of a quarter. In there is a fan that sucks in the cabin air for the temperature sensor to measure in order to operate your HVAC accurately.

When cold, the bearing will make noise and then it goes away...

You can remove the fan and loub the bearing or replace it altogether. To lube it you may have to drill a hole into the housing. I haven't fixed mine yet - but will do in the spring.

Good luck....


Tom R.

1998 Cadillac STS with 102K Miles

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