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Traction Control Engaged on Dry Surface

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1998 DeVille, (130K), will frequently on take off from standing stop (i.e. traffic stop), Traction Control System (TCS) will self engage on dry normal flat surface, and is evidenced by an audible "searching transmission groan". The TCS will disengage (transmission noise ends) once the vehicle has traveled 10-15 feet. Does not affect ride, comfort or control.

This has occurred off and on for 40K to 50K miles, but is now occurring with greater frequency. Local dealer has not 'found anything wrong'.

The TCS and ABS do function properly on ice, snow and other slippery surfaces. But annoyingly, will occasionally self-engage on dry, flat normal surface. TCS Warning light will then remain lit on the Dash, until re-start the engine. Interestingly, this same symptom occurred on my 1997 Sedan DeVille as well. Other Cadillac owners have described the same perplexing symptom, so it is obviously a common malady.

Can anybody guide me to an anticipated problem solution.

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Im in the same boat, any help out there?

I have a 97 Seville, same problem, traction control would engage abs usually from start up or low speed semi-sharp turns. traction control & abs lights come on. Had a wheel speed sensor code fault so I replaced left front wheel speed sensor, (hub & bearing).

It turned off the code but still have same problem except warning lights on dash don't flash now. No new codes......WTF? If you cant fix it unplug it and say screw abs? Any common causes if not bad wheel speed sensor.


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