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94 SLS PCM over ride for a/c clutch and fan speed

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First post, what a great forum.

I have a 94 SLS, the a/c clutch wont engage nor will the fans go to hi-speed.

Can anyone tell me what the pcm number is for controlling the a/c clutch and for the fan high speed outputs are? I have jumpered the relays themselves to ground which engaged to power to the clutch and fans, and everything works as expected, but I want to over ride the pcm outputs for these and manually force them on without the jumper wires. At least until I can track down the actual problem that is causing the pcm to not engage them.

The pcm output for the fans is on this post (thanks for that by the way)...


I cant seem to find one for the clutch output, though.

Thanks in advance.

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