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Radio Swap Possible?


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I recently purchased a 93 seville with the base stereo (non Bose casette), and as crazy as it sounds would like to keep the car as close to stock as possible. As I understand, swapping to a Bose unit with cd and cassette will be a major chore. What I have found is that in 95 & 96 the Concours had an optional non-Bose CD/cassette unit. Does anyone know if this can be used as a diirect replacement?

At this point I really am not interested in going aftermarket, even though cost wise I know it would probably make more sense. I just want to keep my dash looking as stock as possible and have the ability to listen to cd's as well as books on tape.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks so much, I was hoping it would be that simple, and I did not realize it was just the speakers and controller that were different, I figured seeing as the head unit was stamped "Bose Gold" there might be something different internally.

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