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flowmaster recap

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as u might have already read in my previous posts i have installed a flowmaster kit on my 1988 caddy deville. to me it was by far the best thing i could have possibly done for it, besides the k&n air filter. seriously, the power and the sound that this system generates will leave u all saying "why havent i thought of this befre?". i know in the past that there was talk that a flowmaster wouldnt be great for a caddilac because of the "noise" it produces, but after taking the risk, it makes the car sound like a champion. if u have a older model caddy, i definately recomend a flowmaster exhaust, it will make u a very happy person. does anyone have anyquestions on the subject? thoughts? remarks?

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Sounds like you are really happy! What series are you using. I bought an 80 series flowmaster for my 92 STS. I am going to have it installed today. I can't wait to hear how it sounds!

-Aaron :D

18 Year Old Male

Black 1992 STS 4.9L

90,XXX Miles

Flowmaster 80 series muffler :D

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