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I was wondering if the 17" rims from a 2000 STS will fit right onto a 96 STS without changing the tires. I ask because the 96 comes with 16's and my pop just bought a sweet white diamond 2000 STS, i showed him some pics of that same car with 20 inch rims and he liked the way it looked. So if he gets those, then can i get his?

which leads to the other question, will 20" rims with properly adjusted tire size for the 2000 caddy degrade ride, handling, performance or anything? thx in advance.

BTW, i found some guys in miami to fix my car on the cheap, hopefully it works out, when im done ill show pics of the job.

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those 17s will directly bolt on and fit correctly, and look great! 20s will fit so long as it has the right bolt pattern and backspacing. minimal if any rubbing. lets see some pics if you get em put on!

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I am sort of going through the same process!

My Dad is about to trade his Aurora for a DTS - with the 17's. He plans on getting the stock 235/55R17 replaced with some Vogues (white walls w/ a yellow pinstripe), which then puts those stock tires up for grabs. He said I can shod my 17's (from the 2004 CTS) with these tires, and everyone is happy!

In fact, I have already varified that I (and you, since the 2000 STS has the same tire size) will have no problem with the increase in size. The Olds my Dad has now has the Vogues on it as well...in the 235/60R16 size. This tire is the same width, yet even taller in overall diameter than the 235/55R17 from the DTS/STS that I and you will go with. I swaped wheels with him for a day, and I did not experience any problems, even with the steering at full lock. Others have said that on bumpy roads, with the steering wheel hard over, there is small amounts of rubbing in the wheel wells, but nothing to be concerned with, especially in everyday, regular driving.

As lacseville said, They will look great!

I really like that STS wheel design- with the "chiseled-out" look to each spoke. They will really update the look of your STS, and in my opinion, surpass the looks of the current one (like your Dad's), simply because it has much more aggresive and stunning styling than the rounded off ones of 98+.


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Try this link for a discussion of offsetting wheel sizes if wider rims etc. URL=http://www.usacomp.com/Offset.htm]http://www.usacomp.com/Offset.htm[/url]

The following link has a bunch of tire info (put not perhaps any "cautions against buying..." http://www.1010tires.com/

Assuming the 20" tire has the same outside diameter (to not rub on the inside of th efender etc), then there will be a LOT less rubber betwen the rim and road.

Here are the trade-offs: When the ooohs and aaahs die down, be prepared to listen to your Dad griping.

1. Latest "bling-bling" fad. Like...all the sexyist models are wearing 'em.

2. Handling? At some point you have to wonder why rubber is used at all, for some ability to flex, etc - instead of the Flintstone -style rolling pins?

3. Much poorer ride due to loss of tire cushion.

4. Much more wear and tear on the suspension components. The tire simply does not have enough rubber and air to absorb road impacts.

5. Probable damage to rims because the tire can not protect the rim anymore (see note 4 above).

6. Much more theft potential for entire vehicle. Might have LCD screens and great audio in there too huh Bro? Forget fancy anti-theft carap, wheel locks can be cryo'ed and knocked off in seconds.

OK then, I'm done ragging on ya. Sorry <_<

Now if I owned stock in a wheel outfit...

Dude, go fer it ! :blink:

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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