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Replaced Cat. Converter

STS Scott

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Well, 390 bucks later (thats Canadian dough), my STS does not rattle like it has pop cans dragging behind it anymore.

I had the Catalytic Converter replaced with a high-flow one, made by "Car Sounds", who are the parent company to Magna-Flow it turns out.

Although the car performs the same, if not better (maybe it just think it is better!), the size of the new Cat., relative to the old one is smaller in width. Could this be a problem? The mechanic that did the job showed me that the code number (6006 I believe) matched with what was indicated on his computer for the car. So why the two different sizes?

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I think high flow ones have a little less material so they don't have to be as big , either that or it's manufactured differently as to provide higher flow in less space, but I do think it raises emmissions slightly..

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Nice huh! I was so happy the first time I went to a drive up window and didnt have to scream after I replaced mine! :lol:

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