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Road Trip... Road Trip...


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Men and Women of Caddyinfo.com :D ByStorm and Mrs. ByStorm will be heading on a short 600 mile road trip in about 8 hours.... I have the STS all detailed inside and out , my boys stripped the wax and put 3 coats on and buffed the car out. I went over it with

a special micro fiber cloth a few minutes ago and the STS look like black glass.

All I have to do now is get off of work (6am) throw the bags in the trunk, take a shower, get an hour and a half of sleep., throw the wife in the car and head out. This will be my first semi long drive out of state in this vehicle. Oh I almost forgot I also have the radar detector all plugged in and ready for lift off.

I hope to contact the board when we land at our destination.

See ya....

Peace ByStorm B)

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