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how to install an aftermarket deck in a 92 sts

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How's it going everyone, I was wondering if anyone here knows the installation procedure to wire up an aftermarket deck in a 92 sts. I have everything I need but the wire harness. I can't seem to find one and I've visited many audio stores and picked up about five of them and none of them fit my car. I was wondering if anyone knows what color goes with what so I could just splice them and join them with some electrical tape. The delco wires are totally different colors then todays present aftermarket colors. The next question I have is how do I connect the amp, tuner and electric antenna to the aftermarket deck since I believe everything is located in the rear.

Thanks guys! :)

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In my 94, which had the Bose system and the brain to the unit in the trunk, I had to totally rewire the system. All I tapped from the front were power and ground. I ran RCA wires to trunk, and remote power output from head unit for amps and power antenna. I removed Bose speakers(which had amps attached} and replaced with new units.

Ran new power from battery to amp in trunk. All in all, not fun!

But now I have a CD player with MP3 that replaced a dead head unit.I dont remember what wires where what, but I used a multimeter for locating power and accesory.

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