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Starting Problem


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Well after performing nearly flawlessly my 93 STS has just developed a puzzling starting problem.

Drove car to store and when returning the car would not start.


Battery excellent.

All connections are clean and tight.

Normal power to the entire car.

When turning the key no response, not even clicking from the solenoid.

Had wife bring over the second set of keys, they would not work either.

I finally thought to check the fuse block in the trunk and the "Crank" 10 amp fuse was blown. I replaced it with another 10-amp fuse and it also blew. Running out of ideas I put in a 20-amp fuse, started right up, drove it home no problem.

At home I replaced the fuse with another 10-amp fuse and it started right up. I repeated starting and turning off several times, no problem. I checked the relay located in the drivers door sill, everything clean and dry, just like new.

OK, I thought, just a strange fluke.

On the way into work today the "Security" light came on several times, I have the feeling the two issues are connected.

Has anyone had a similar problem or have any ideas on what the problem might be?

Drive'em like you own 'em. - ....................04 DTS............................


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