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Hi All,

Does anyone know where the engine temperature coolant sensor is on a 1994 STS Seville. I have no reading on the dashboard, for the engine temperature. Every thing lights up, but the temp reading just has dashes.

Thanks :huh:

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The ECT (Engine Coolant Tmp) sensor screws into the rear of the head of the engine. The head closest to the windshield.

1. It screws in a direction from the left fendor towards the center of the car.

2. It is under the EGR valve.

If you look from the left fender just to the right of the EGR valve you will see three hoses. The closest and the farthest are heater hoses. The hose in the middle is an exhaust hose to the EGR. Jut under these is the ECT sensor, It you look just past the last hose, towards the center of the engine, you can see it as it leaves the engine head. I used a flashlight to locate it.

How do you get to it. Not easy. If you go back about 6 or 7 pages, there is an article on how to get to it. It is called ECT sensor, how do you get to it. There is a reference, that has a complex and detailed method. I have a 94 and I believe that the hose removal as stated in the article will result in access. I have not tried it.

If you are sucessful in changing it can you write a detailed method and post it.

I hope this helps

Vince P

1994 SLS

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