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problems with codes


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i have just bought a cadillac seville sts 1990 and the "service engine soon" is on permanently.i ran the diagnostic through the computer system and the following codes were displayed: E046, E047, E098, E122, B120, B121, B122, B335,B337, B552 and the last message displayed is:" ECM?"

well, i have no history for this caddy which i have bought last month in england so i guess those codes have been stored for a long time except for 3 of them which are displayed as current , the others are "history"codes.i am french, i live in france, know nothing about those cars and how to find out what those codes mean, the only clue i can give is that the previous owner used the car so scarcely that he must have disconnected the on board computer knowing that he told me the battery went weak after 4 weeks of non use of the car, that could mean the computer has been quite troubled in its job! anyway, if someone could explain to me IN DETAILS how to clear those codes for once i would be relieved because that upsets me a lot to see the light on all the time.the car runs quite well, it says"monitoring systems ok" each time i start the engine, no red light comes on the board, everything works on the computer and the engine is very powerful.

thank you for helping.


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