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Backlit STS logo advice


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I'm developing a backlit clear plastic STS emblem that will be placed in the dash over the glove compartment in the wood in my 2000. It's still sort of an idea at this point. I'm going to make a mold of an extra STS badge I have off of my 93 and what I'm wondering is what do you think would be the best way to go about lighting the thing up? I was thinking I could tie it into the dome lights or if there was not a lot of space back there (I have not taken the piece out yet) I would go with fiber optics. I was thinking I could build a small housing to case in one of the in-door dome lights. As it is, cutting the wood piece and inlaying the plastic plus a chrome trim is difficult enough. It's something small, but ambitious, and I think it would be pretty neat looking.

My other thought was to leave it as an independent system with a killswitch in the trim piece above the radio (it already has a hole in it from a microphone I had on a hands-free phone system I had in there) and tie it into the nearest DC available, like the radio or something.

If anyone has any ideas then I would definitely love the input or advice.

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Lighting it up would be easy with LEDs and probably the best way to go. Every light in dash should be LED or something similar. Or you could coat the whole logo with something reactive to blacklight so it glows and the install a teeny blacklight in it. :)

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