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Headlamps turning on by themsleves?

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Hi Folks:

I got up today and looked out the window to see that my 97 DeVille had turned its lights on alll by its self.

There was no key in the ignition and no use made of the RKE system.

entered car and found service engine soon light illuminated but cannot recall if this stays on with the ignition switched off or not.

started the car put in in drive then parked and switched off but headlights remained on.

Tried manually switching lamps on and off to no avail.

lifted hood and foglight relay was wamr (these have never worked on the car) and in order to get the lights off I had to remove the headlamps relay.

tested it and found that there is continuity across poles 3 and 5 and there should be none\\so is this just a bad relay issue? Have any of you had eleictrical issues of this nature.

The guru at GM who decided to put such and extensive collection of fuses and relays all but opne to road spray and salt should be tutored by the service engine soon light bulb developer as that unit seems to be the only reliable electricla component on the car.

So I guess I am shopping for new relays hope they dont cost and arm and a leg.

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