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AC compressor BYpass belt


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Can anyone give me the part number for a shorter belt to bypass the AC compressor on a 94 Northstar. The noise seems to be coming from the compressor hub, but I haven't got the time to replace the bearing. I would like to just remove the compressor drive from the circuit.

I remember seeing this on the old bd, but the search comes up with nothing related to belt length.

Thanks :rolleyes:


94 Seville STS

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Try 6K739 or slightly longer (slightly). If you do a search on 6K739 you should find a bunch of info on it. Mike

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Scotty used a 73.9" belt and I opted for the 74". Go to your local autoparts store and ask for a 6 groove 74" belt and slap it on. They'll have one in stock. It's tight so be prepared for some blood. :)

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