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1999 STS Strut

Art Olsen

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I recently had a trouble code "Service Suspension System" and "Limit speed to 90MPH" come on. Brought it to the dealer who replaced the driver side strut only under the certified warranty. After driving the car about 10 miles the "Service Suspension" message came back on. Back to the dealer-- he didn't say what he did but no new messages appeared. Could a sensor have been disconnected by the dealer? Also, Is it common, or appropriate to replace only one strut?

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From experience, I can tell you that there are a lot of things that can cause that DIC message - motion sensors, accelerometers, etc. and they are all about $350 installed as I remember.

Once, when I was paying, the dealer replaced ONE strut. I questioned that but he said that if the other strut was working properly, both would be the same.

I would think if they left something unconnected, you would have had a repeat of the message immediately. However, it is certainly possible that a connection was not made properly and it came apart as you drove.

As I recall on my 93, replacement of a front strut required an alignment - both front and rear.

I'm neither an engineer nor a mechanic; but, boy! have I had experience with those struts!

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