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engine smoke!!!!

Cadillac STS

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Earlier today i got a "check coolant level"

So I decided to get off my lazy ill *smurf* and go to the local kragen and buy some 50/50 Prestone antifreeze/coolant...filled her up to level and while driving back home I took the long way back and kind of drove her hard just for kicks, as I always do when I have a need for speed..

Well I got home and turned off the engine and noticed smoke seeping through the driver side of the hood in front. I quickly thought it was just my headlamps cooling off...but then i got closer and realized it was coming from the engine bay!

My dad saw me and I acted like nothing was wrong. I don't want him to know just yet...that’s why im asking you guys for some serious help!

What could it be? Did my engine just overheat? God please let that not be the case!

I don't want to go out and check it yet due to the fact that my father would notice... he just spent $400 to replace the alternator and battery.... I don’t feel like asking him for any more favors!

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Could you have overfilled the surge tank?? If you filled it near the top then it may have overflowed when the engine was run hard. Harmless and a potential source of steam or smoke....

Check the coolant level in the morning when it is cold. It should be about 1.5 to 2 inches from the neck of the pressure cap fitting when cold. If it is fuller than that it is overfilled and could have come out the overflow. It won't hurt anything but could cause the steam as mentioned.

If you are loosing coolant you really should consider dosing the sytem with the GM coolant supplement pellets/sealer to seal any nuisance leaks in the sytem and prevent the coolant loss. The pellets can be purchased at any GM dealer or use the BarsLeaks"golden seal" powder in the clear tube at Walmart or auto stores. 6 of the pellets or two tubes of the BarsLeaks "golden seal" would be advisable if you are noticing a coolant loss. (you are the coolant was low....) You have to disconnect the rad hose and put the sealer material into the hose....do NOT put it into the pressurized surge tank...it will not work due to the low circulation thru there. Get the supplement in there and reinstall the hose and top the sytem off and keep an eye on it.


I'm hoping thats the case. But i doubt that i have a leak? wouldn't i be able to smell it? how often are you supose to re-fill it?

because the last time it was filled was during summer 2003...when the radiator was replaced

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It is possible that a heater hose is leaking.

There are two short 5/8" x 2" connector hoses on the driver’s side of the engine.

The hoses may have shrunk a bit over the years and the connections can leak, usually a small leak. Especially after some spirited driving. These hoses seem to be very tough and are made of some type of silicone material, just tighten them up.

Looking from the top of the engine, down about 6", to the right of the throttle body you should be able to see them. You could also wriggle the metal pipe that goes from the water pump towards the rear of the engine to help locate them.

It can be awkward to get at them. Try a long 12" medium blade screwdriver from the top down, and a 6" medium blade from the fender towards the engine. There are four clamps. I had to carefully flex the brake lines to get my hand in for two of the clamps.

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