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94 Eldo - Transmission shift points


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Hi guys,

Got in the Eldo yesterday for a spin and noticed that as I was motoring slowly ( slow acceleration up to 45MPH) the transmission was up to 2000 RPM in 3rd before abruptly falling back to 1500RPM. The shift was not smooth but it was also not one to throw you out of the car.

On the way back I did a quicker acceleration to 45 and didn't have any problem

I checked for codes and there are none. Is this a prelude to a TCC event ?

Appreciate any advice on this


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My Eldorado has a bad torque converter (P039 code). It will shift through all gears into 4th below 2000 rmp (about 1700 to 18500). Of course this depends on how fast I accelerate. When I punched it (I didn't floor it), the rpm was at 5000 when it shifted to 3rd. I was taken a bit by surprise as the acceleration was brisk enough to cause lose of some traction at 50 mph as I heard the beginnings of a chirp.

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