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Service Steering System

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Hey Guys,

This time its my power steering system. Im getting the "service Steering System" display on my dash. I got it before and checked the fluid which was low, once i filled it up the message went away, this time the fluid is still full.

Any ideas of how to diagnose the problem without taking my 97 eldo to the dealer? I dont have to worry about losing control at 65 mph on I95 do I? I am supposed to pick up my little brothers from camp tommorow which is a 3 hour round trip. When i refilled the fluid i used lucas stop leak, that wouldnt hurt it would it? I always liked lucas oil the best, and since the car is 7 years old, i figured the stop leak would be good for it. Also, i have been getting a loud screeching noise (imagine fingernails on a chalkboard) from one of the devices on the serpentine belt, like one of them has a bad bearing. its hard to tell where its coming from even with a stethescope, ive changed the belt and both pulleys and an altenator with no luck. If its a ps pump bearing, could that set off the service steering system display? The noise started before the message, bu it started out as a little chirping noise thats been goin on since i bought the car. I also plan on addressing this noise in another thread.

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Hold down Off & Warmer so you can read the codes from the computer. If it says TCS-1241 then you have a problem with the Magnasteer system. I have a 1997 Deville that I have driven 9,000 miles since April with this code and the only thing you lose is speed sensitive steering (no biggie IMO) but the message on the display is a pain in the *smurf*. I haven't figured out how to bypass this message (anyone have the shop manual ?).

If this is the problem, you can leave it alone (it won't hurt anything) or have the rack and pinion replaced because the unit is not serviceable!

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