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98 deville height sensor or exaust valve?

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Hi, I have a 98 deville that when unloaded rides fine, when loaded bottoms out. once weight is removed compressor will air up to normal hieght fine. The shop i went to the other day unluged the height sensor and the rear end is now raised way to high. it has been 2 days and it has not gone down. So this tells me the shocks and lines are not leaking of course! Also if it functions unloaded i would assume height sensor is adjusted correctly. I would imagine that the compressor is not exausting, or constintly exausting when loaded? Or is this a bad height sensor? Thanks for any help.

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No need to speculate or guess. The Onboard Diagnostic system will point you at the most likely problem area. All you have to do is display the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) on your Drivers Information Center.

You should find code display how-to information on this page:


If you display a long list of codes, I would recommend writing them all down just for a record. Then clear all the codes and do a 10 mile test drive and display the codes again.

For a suspension issue, you are most interested in "C" codes. Post them here for more guidance.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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