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A/C drier tank is wrong... so they say

MIke D

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I need the help of the master A/C people out there... I changed out the compressor on my 93 STS. Went to change out the drier tank and found a problem. The hose fits up to the back of the tank with no problem. When I went to hook up the front hose, the hose did not fit inside the fitting on the tank... I know I have the correct (new) tanks but am not sure about my old one... It was in an accident a while back (before I got it) and have no Idea of what's in there.

Now something wierd is that the front hose has a double "o" ring fitting on it.. Both Brasington caddy in FL and Pep Boys have not seen this. A new front hose is $73.11... I am already short on money to fill the system... it will be tough to swallow this too.. So how do I find out what tank I have on my car... Does anyone remember a double o fitting on your front hose (if so what year do you have).. I really need help on this cause it has been mid to upper 90's for the last 3 weeks and I am about to loose it and move to the north pole.. (heat still works :-) )

I hope to hear form you all soon.. Thanks Mike D

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