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:) Hi there Folks,

I thought I oughta say thanks for the helpful replies to my earlier problems - rusted brake lines and subsequent error messages.

The battery went dead on me -it was the original, 5+ years old. I've since fitted a new one and the combination of a new battery and the total loss of electrical power during the changeover seems to have cleared the unwanted warning lights and error messages. Does this sound plausible, or am I kidding myself!?

My only problem now is that the hazard/indicator flash on/off when the car is locked on the key button. It's fine if I lock it manually. Any ideas?

PS. I keep reading that Cadillac are intending to relaunch in the UK early next year. I hope that this means there will be a network of service/repair centres. Does anyone Stateside know any more about this relaunch?

Once again, thanks for the support/advice. I will certainly give a heads up to the Cadillac Club of Great Britain about the 'caddyinfo' website.

Oh, one final question/request. Can anyone point me to keenly priced parts suppliers who will ship to the UK and who will accept payment by credit card.

All the Best.


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