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Started out from my home near Seattle, made it to San Francisco the first day, about 750 miles. Spent next few days in Northern California and the Monterey Peninsula, cruising 17 Mile Drive, and then proceeding down the most incredible stretch of highway I've ever experienced, Hwy. 1, through Big Sur and ending in San Diego.

Also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, this stretch of road was tailor-made for a car like the Cadillac STS. ;) During the week in mid-June when we travelled through much to my great surprise there was very little traffic. The highway has long straight stretches where you can see for miles and I found myself setting the cruise control on 85 or 90 mph for much of the way. It truly does not get any better! Eating up the highway at speed, perfect weather, no other vehicles around, the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean within arm's length, favorite music drifting through the CD player, my wonderful wife of 25 years in the passenger seat and all the while basking in the quiet luxurious ride of the STS. Some stretches of the road consist of near hairpin curves and miles of mountainside switchbacks and here too the STS proved its mettle. The few slower-moving vehicles encountered were quickly left in the rear view mirror with some quick WOT maneuvers.

Once in Los Angeles the sustained cruising ended abruptly and we spent hours in stop-and-go traffic on the freeways. When out of the congested areas we encountered all kinds of narrow lanes and rough surfaces but even at 80 to 90 mph and above the Northstar-equipped machine handled it all with ease. On the way back home up the interstate there are some long climbs up and over mountain passes. Despite over 100 degree temperatures outside and the pulls up steep grades the STS never missed a beat. One memorable incident was coming up to a hastily-constructed and seemingly unmarked detour on the freeway at about 85 mph and having to make a sharp left-hand turn while travelling down a fairly steep grade and nearly "getting air" as the road's surface dropped a couple inches. I am sure this would have been nearly catastrophic in many vehicles but the Northstar simply spit right back at the challenge and kept right on cruising. Even *I* was impressed.

By the numbers: 7 days, 3089 miles, 10 fuel stops ($357 total), average MPG 20.4, average MPH (according to DIC) 49.5, total time (again from DIC) 62:58:00.

Can't wait to do it again! :D

Pictured: the STS at a viewpoint along Highway 1, Big Sur, California coast.


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