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Tires HELP please!!

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Ok, I have a 1990 Coupe DeVille. And i am contimplating purchasing a pair of 18 inch rims for it, they look very nice, however i want to stick to havint white walls as well, this rims aren't 20's and the white wall makes up for the empty space nicely. My problem is that i havn't found any white walls large enough to fit the rims. I did find some P225/60R16 97S WIDE TRAC TOURING GOLD/WHITE tires at customcaddi.com but i am unsure if these will fit my rims, Does anyone know where i can find white walls to fit? or if the ones on custom caddi.com would fit? if not, what do u think of the rims on customcaddi...would they look good or fit my car? im really struggling here and i can't wait to get somthing new on the car...thanks for your help!

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