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Getting a car in top shape


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Hi Everyone

Just for a change of pace after reading all the issues about Cadillac's on the forum. I have no issues to report both of mine are working as advertised.

I have been driving my wives 99 deville for the past week or so until the holiday weekend. I took the dts on a road trip and put about 2,000 mi. plus on the clock during the holiday weekend and the car was fun to drive it handled well gas mileage was ok 22 mpg on the highway.

I had a few chances to do some WOT'S which I didn't get any clouds of smoke for the exhaust so it has not been getting ant carbon build up. After getting the car out of the shop from the wheels getting bagged one night the dealer did a great job on repairing the car.. Between the crooks and the tow truck the total bill was just over 8.5k in parts, labor & paint work.. I'm happy with the dts but my wife still does not like the car she likes the 99 better she thinks it's a bigger car but it not really any bigger just the body style which makes it appear that way. The Michelin tires made a big difference in the ride comfort over the cooper tires I had on the car. The coopers handled great the ride was good but not as good as the Michelins.. Over the weekend I was parked along side an 04 dts and mine an 01 looked like the newer of the 2 dts's and was in better shape some people just don't take care of a car. .Lease cars I would imagine but they will get the bill when they turn it in when it comes off lease. While I was at the dealer one time I noticed when the cars came in off lease the body shop adjuster would go out look over the cars and write his a-- off on all the stuff on the cars the 2 cars I was watching him check out 1 had a little 3k in cosmetic damage another had over 5k.. and they looked pretty clean but there was minor damages nicks, scratches, chips etc.. It took a year to get my dts in top shape now if it can only stay this way I will be happy.. Mine has had a bunch of stuff replaced I would hate to total up a bill between the warranty work which has been done and comprehensive claim(theft) I just went through. Warranty work Nothing major but all high cost items, seat covers,( heaters quit working) steering wheel(small hair line crack in wood), grill,(small pit in chrome trim) rear housing,(crack in lens) stuff like that all minor cosmetics but covered under warranty.. It took about 18 months to get it in shape but the car is just about in as good of condition as it left the factory.. maybe better. Now to keep it this way if I can manage to keep it this way for a few months I'll be happy..



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