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ahh fog light sorrows


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I think im having the worst luck in the world...here is my story. A rock broke my original driver side fog lamp last year. I just recently purchased one from TRMNATR here on the board about 3 weeks back. I just installed it about 2 weeks later, and once again on the highway, a rock coems and slams my car yet again, and I see yet another driver side fog light burst into pieces in my rear view. I dont know if the cars just not meant to have a driver fog lamp or what lolol. But anyways, if anyone knows where I can get a fog lamp for super cheap (2nd time buying one now) please let me know, im just having the worst luck with these lights.

Thanks, Mike

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Talk about bad luck.. I've never had one bust :/ Had a rock bust a small hole into a headlight once but that was on an olddddd car with the square headlights u can get for $5 that have the glass and everything :) GOod luck to ya

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I just bought a leather shift knob from Cadillac Auto Recycling. Talk to Eric, a great guy. He said they get Caddy's in every couple of days. You can email them at info@cadauto.com and tell them what you are looking for. Good luck

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I am still in search of the Passanger side fog.

The bulb had worked itself out of it's housing, and was resting on the "lip" of the hole, for where it goes into the light. The heat of the light bulb melted and mangled the plastic to the point where I can not even get the bulb to fit anymore.

I discovered all of this while trying to repair the horn, of all things!

I will contact Eric from the Cadillac Auto Recycling as well.


I do not want to stomp on you turf!

Is the drivers side the only one you are going after?

If not, I can wait to get mine!

G' Day!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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Yeah its only hte drivers side im after. No biggie though, I dont plan on jumping on anything anytime soon. Forking out cash for another one is just not happenin for me unless I find a really cheap one. Im a university student, so I gotta make sure I dont put all of it in my STS lol. As much as I hate hte way it looks with a missing fog light, I guess ill just have to live with it.

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