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Front Brake Rotors and Pads

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1997 STS 77k miles

I’m looking for advice on front rotors and brake pads. I’m starting to get some pulsating from the brakes. Is there a decent set of rotors and pads that are not too expensive? Should I looking into a set of “drilled” or “slotted” rotors? (I do not need high performance stuff) Just something that will last longing before they start “warping”. I want a good pad that will not make noise and will not make a lot of brake dust. Any advice would be helpful.

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It's possible your rotors are not warped. The pulsing you are feeling might be caused by uneven pad material distribution on the rotor. Take a look at this link and in particular the break-in procedure under the PREVENTION heading. http://www.stoptech.com/whitepapers/warped_rotors_myth.htm

Whatever the cause, maybe your rotors are still thick enough to be cleaned up with a nondirectional finish. I have been using OEM pads for many years and the service has been good ( dusty, but good).


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