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I dont know if anyone else in America watches this show, but last night, I saw one of the coolest car races!!

The show is a reality show about the owners of the Golden Nugget in Vegas. One of them drives a new Ferrari...the other drives a new Caddy XLR coupe. The owner of the caddy bets the other 5 grand to see who can get to work first.

These two are now dodging light traffic doin over 100 in downtown Vegas. What happens is the caddy beat the Ferrari!!! I am SURE that some driver skill must be factored into that win...but man it was cool seein the caddy squeelin its tires and screechin into the Nugget parking lot about 10 seconds ahead of the Ferrari!!! Now THATS reality television!!!!!

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Ah Vegas - wide streets, but littered with aimless visitors and off-synch to the rest of the world...

If you don't mind it too much, the center median is designed for a bit of light off-roading. I noticed that during a recent visit when an ambulance took "the road less traveled".

Best paths might be through the parking lots at about 8-10am, just before checkout. Keep in mind that this is a city with inter-mural baseball games at 1am... A very odd time-shift indeed.

Also good to be able to slip below lot-chains (similar to low air resistance #'s), but not too low slung to clear curbs etc.

Cross-city road rallys at earlly am are exciting, but usually frowned upon and difficult to get sanctioned for points. In particular, "the denizens of the doughnut shops" really get upset.

Why no Officer, I don't know that crazy guy over there, I was just drivin home from work... :P

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Surfin' the channels and caught them just pulling into the Casino. Too bad because I just couldn't take my eyes off the Caddy and would have enjoyed seeing it in action. What did you say the other car was? Was there even another car?? LOL

Keeping a watch for the re-run....

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