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Just Watched the Movie "Equilibrium"


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It was very excellent, but the futuristic cop cars were completely awesome 1996 STS customs.

Custom grille, white headlights, white brake lights, etc. along with a completely custom white interior. Everything within the car was completely white, it looks extremely awesome.

Oh, to top it off I believe they had 19 inch bowler rims.

Anyone seen the movie/the car? I'm trying to find some pictures, it was very cool.

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I think that it is a 1992 Seville or 1993 STS... Notice the air bag on the steering wheel... 94 it was changed...

But, yeah, it is pretty COOL... Good to see one, I mean even people who don't know them by name (yes, they exist :D ) think that that White Caddi, was a really cool car....

I will look for pics, or grab them from the movie.

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Those're links to the pictures... (copy and paste)

And yes, definitely watch it, I found it very cool :)

Somewhat of a mix between the Matrix and Fahrenheit 451.

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Heh, yea those are white. now if the outside strip was white, and the window tinting was white(on the windshielf, the rest look like white tint already).. would look freaky.. Oh yea, and white rubber tires too :)

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hahah, that looks awesome.

I really want some Halogen lights for my STS.

Does anybody know of any good ones?

"Cadillac, it's not a car, it's an obsession"


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