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injector part numbers

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I am not looking for more power by putting bigger injectors on.

It's a 91 STS 4.9. I just have some failing ones and would like to replace the set but can't afford the GM price, Even the partsdirect price is a bit much.

I have a set of injectors supposed to be from a 92 El Dorado 4.9.

According to the dealer they should be the same, dealer part number for both is


My car has on the injector, 17087960, and the 92 injectors have 17091728.

The part catalog on Gmpartsdirect (Mitchell) doesn't find the numbers.

The local Cad dealer made calls and couldn't find them either.

The reason I'm asking is the 92 injectors have a delivery hole that is somewhat larger than my 91's.

Does anybody know how to reference the numbers from the injectors?


Bob B

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