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How the retail end is changing, Part 2


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Two articles, 6 months apart, from the Dallas Morning News that caught my attention. Be sure to credit the writer and DMN if you use this material.

Part 2..


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Interesting article! How true, how true it really is.

People are paying more for cars these days, so they expect them to be better. That includes the mechanical and maintenance aspects of the vehicle.

I was just lamenting over last years tuneup on my Fleetwood. It has the LT1 350 engine which has a dealer tuneup price of $1,199. I took it to my usual local service shop who called me at work to tellme the tuneup wa going to run about $1,200. The prices between dealer and local mech. shops are getting closer and closer for mechanical work. Everyone is now pricing their repair work by the job or error code, and most shops are using standard cost/pricing guides.

I think this will ultimately hurt the private shops. Why would I take my car to the local guy when his costs are the same as the "factory trained experts" at the dealership? I sure won't be getting a tuneup on my Fleetwood at the local shop any more. Actually, I'll probably be doing that myself.

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