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Sloted vs drilled


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Called Specility parts looking for "Powerstop" roters, the guy told me they were out of stock currently on #'s AR8236 L & R. I then googled "powerstop" and found "National Fleet Parts" They are showing slotted, Drilled, Sloted and Drilled and then Sloted and Diamonded roter upgrades. Has anyone had experience with the combinatons of Sloted & Drilled or Sloted and Diamond roters?


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I just got a set of slotted an cross drilled rotors from napa. 140 each I think. I expected more slots and holes, but I guess due to the wieght of the car, they can't take too much off the rotors. I also have ceramic pads.

The car stops well, but I've never been in a situation where I had any brake fade.

Here is an interesting link with what seems to be good information. Someone posted it here before, I am just reposting.


The guys on the one of the speed chanel shows put a set of super expensive rotors, calipers, and pads on a mustang and hapily showed how to break them in.

Exactly how the article in the above link says to NOT do it. :D

Good luck.

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