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initial tune-up

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Okay... great news! I drove it it's first 50 miles today! I did a lot of stopping on hills and starting...loading the engine. i did a lot of engine braking, and a couple full throttle blips. it ran pretty well.

i am curious...what needs adjustment? ISC, TPS, timing, etc. I didn't enter timing mode to set timing yet. i just put my timing light on it, and set it around 10*. I do it precisely tonight. What else? the throttle response seemed kinda soft and i dunno, the motor just felt...not tight yet.

also, i was running a little warm. from 208-226. it's 83*and matching humidity. i refilled with 50/50 coolant and installed new t-stat. it'd get up there to 226, then it'd cool down, i guess the fans turned on? oh yeh, and when i was installing the coolant sensor on the new motor, i broke some of the black female plug housing off.

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